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The Nedbank Madibaz Swimming Club – INTERMEDIATE SWIMMING CLASSES

The Nedbank Madibaz swimming club will be having Intermediate swimming classes for any staff or student conducted by coaches, Edward Johannisen & Delaine Christian.

Who will the lessons be aimed at?

The swimming programmes will be designed for anybody that is already water safe (preferably with some form of swimming training background) that are wanting to improve their stroke techniques and efficiency as well as all round fitness. Both of these points are ultimately linked. Improvement in stroke allows for better and more efficient training which in turn leads to the ability to increase fitness levels.

The swimming sessions will be beneficial for number of different reasons:

  • To get into shape
  • Fitness for water polo / triathlons
  • Any swimmer looking to start any form of competitive swimming
  • Will be informative, relaxed and fun environment

The swimming sessions will be open to all University staff and students who have any sort of swimming background.

Breakdown of swimming sessions

The first lesson for each potential swimmer will be an evaluation lesson, whereby the coach will assess the level of the swimmer, in order to ensure that the swimmer is capable of the sessions to come. On top of this each swimmer will be able to discuss with the coach what it is that swimmer would like to get out of the sessions, ensuring that the coach knows exactly what each of the swimmers are wanting to get with their swimming.

The swimming sessions will be one (1) hour in length; they will consist of drills as well as harder and longer main sets.

In the future if there are swimmers wanting to make the progression into competitive swimming, arrangements can be made in order to get the swimmers to do extra sessions.

All the swimmers attendance and progression will be monitored on a daily basis, with a monthly feedback given to the swimmers. This will be done so that the swimmers will be able to track their improvement over time.

Possible Training Times:

Possible training times would include the following:

Mondays                                        -              13h00 – 14h00

Tuesdays                                       -              13h00 – 14h00

Thursdays                                      -              13h00 – 14h00

Friday                                            -              13h00 – 14h00

Assessment Times:

In order to make use of this coaching each swimmer must go through an assessment session.  Please ensure that you sign up for one session.  Go to the Manager’s office, Melinda Goosen, at the Madibaz Sport Offices on South Campus to sign up.  Please note that for the assessment session, you would not be busy for the whole 1 hour, but only 10 min to complete the your individual assessment.


Session 1             -              Tuesday, 1st August 2017                        -              13h00 – 14h00

Session 2             -              Thursday, 3rd August 2017                      -              13h00 – 14h00



There will be cost involved, but depending on each individual’s needs, the cost will be calculated.  After your assessment the coach, Edward and Manager, Melinda will be able to asses and do a costing for you according to your specific needs.  The rates are extremely reasonable.  Rates can be done according to sessions or monthly or term rates.

If you are interested ensure that you sign up for the assessment sessions as limited space is available.