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In order to become a Madibaz Swimmer, you need to register with the club and register with SSA (Swimming South Africa). Please follow the steps below to register:


Madibaz Swimming Club Registration:

Step 1:

Click on this link:

Step 2:

Click "Register Members" > "Register New Member"

Step 3:

On thSport Club Registration Form, where it says "Step1: Choose you member type", select Student and enter your student number in the space provided.

Step 4:

All your details should come up, as per your student record. Scroll down to the clubs list at the bottom of the page, select Aquatics: Swimming and then click the Save button.


The Swimming Club committee will then be able to confirm your official registration within a few days :)


SSA Registration:

Step 1:

Download and print the document at the bottom of this page titled SSA Registration form

Step 2:

Complete the form and hand it in to the Sport Manager, Melinda Goosen, at her office in the Madibaz Sport Department along with a copy of your ID.


Files you can download